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Water reticulation

We are leaders in water reticulation for communities. Our water reticulation system helps water move from the original source to the consumer. Considering the volume of water required is a daunting factor when planning and designing the system. We move water with the help of energy and overcome any resistance encountered when changing elevations. Other factors can influence operational costs. Gravity can be used to aid the movement and is helpful for a cheaper operation. We use gravity to allow the water to flow from the elevated reservoirs and then be distributed and controlled with the use of valves. We generally prefer gravity flow systems as reliable at all times.

We carefully consider and select the right pump type and its capacity and ability to maintain control of the water’s movement to choose the correct system. We also select and plan the pipeline sizes according to the water demand of each outlet. The concept of this system is similar to the branching of a tree.

Our water reticulation methods are simply awesome and we continue to engineer new and better ways to serve communities efficiently.