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Sewerage systems

Sewerage systems are sewer networks for the collection of waste water, conveying it via pipes, conduits and ancillary works from its point of origin to treatment works prior to discharge back into the environment.

Probakat, as an engineering giant, researches, plans, designs, constructs and deploys high-value, ultra-safe sewerage systems for communities and households. We take advantage of strategic roads passing directly through a city which are likely to be the most convenient collection point for local sewers and hence often carry main collector or interceptor sewers beneath them.

Discharges into a sanitary sewerage system consist of domestic wastewater (sewage), industrial discharge, inflow, and infiltration. We take all these into consideration when designing the systems that propel these forms of disposal, especially for industrial discharge as often times, industrial discharges vary widely with the size and type of industry and the amount of treatment applied before discharge into sewers.