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Road construction

The methods of constructing roads have changed a lot since the first roads were built around 4,000 BC – made of stone and timber.

Earthwork is one of the major works involved in road construction. Probakat removes the topsoil, along with any vegetation, before scraping and grading the area to the finished ‘formation level’. We employ a tractor shovel, grader or bulldozer. Below the formation level, the soil, also known as the ‘subgrade’, is essentially tested for strength prior to earthwork beginning.

Most earthworks are formed by cut-and-fill, and the type of ‘fill’ material is carefully considered, not only in terms of its physical properties, but on the conditions in which it is to be used, and the methods of compaction. As an engineering company, we handle high-level road construction projects in the SADC sub-region and other parts of the world, working with highly sophisticated partners to deliver the very best of roads.