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Rail lines construction

When the rail and mass transit infrastructure is look at, the world sees a rail line serving their needs, while we see much more than its component parts. At Probakat, we see its potential to connect people and goods by providing an efficient transport backbone across our landscape and within our urban areas. We see opportunities to build industries and strengthen economies by ensuring the efficient and cost effective transportation of goods. And we see the importance of involving communities in shaping rail and transport networks in ways that will maximise their connectivity and ease of use.

Our transport experts have shown this passion on countless rail and mass transit projects in many parts of the world, across heavy haul, freight, passenger and metro networks. We have developed outstanding engineering projects and principles to put all the puzzles together and to serve our world of rails the best we can. We construct solid, firmly-fitted and secure railway lines across cities, urban, rural, forest, deserts and over rivers, as well as underground just to ensure that rail services meet their required standards. We partner with professional rail construction houses around the world to ensure that we extend our reach and impact int he domain.

To a greater extent, we have developed an in-depth, global knowledge of the rail sector, as well industry standards, systems and practices. This allows us to provide comprehensive advice and solutions across the lifecycle of a project, from inception through to feasibility studies, stakeholder engagement, design and construction, final testing, commissioning and ongoing asset management.