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Power lines construction

Since inception, Probakat has been the largest supplier of transmission lines in the SADC sub-region. Today Probakat is a leader in this field, trusted to deliver major network infrastructure projects safely, on time and within budget, providing an end-to-end service focused on high-voltage overhead lines and steel lattice towers for electricity transmission infrastructure throughout the African continent.

With a world class health and safety culture, Probakat operates in a safety critical environment, adhering to the strictest health and safety guidelines. The overriding objective is to effectively enable the transmission of safe, reliable and secure power essential to the development of Africa’s critical infrastructure.

The transmission line business operates from an extensive manufacturing facility. A dedicated team operates the company’s extensive packaging yard, where high voltage lattice transmission line towers and line hardware, as well as telecommunication towers, are packaged securely in preparation for the journey to project sites. To accomplish this, the team draws on its considerable experience in logistics, with regard to specific packaging requirements and logistics supply chain management for local and international customers.